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BAS Maintenance is to prevent the occurrence of faults that equipment performance, deterioration caused by the change in control due to minimizing economic loss.

Eequipment(BAS) and the automatic control inspection, maintenance or repair work done more efficiently with minimal personnel are done more efficiently with minimal personnel are intended to be.

To extend the life of equipment satisfy the condition the design temperature, humidity, and maintain a good environment to prevent deterioration of the working efficiency, and improve quality and increase work effectiveness and proper operation of energy-saving and efficient operations by reducing operating costs and is to improve the effectiveness of investments.



Preventive & Breakdow Maintenance

  1. Preventive Maintenance ?

     Regular inspections and routine maintenance to prevent the occurrence of failure is. (Energy Saving).

  2. Breakdown Maintenance ?

     Action after the incident, cause of shorten the life of equipments, degradation, repair cost of adjustment is incorrect, equipment
     downtime, dangerous accident etc.   

  3. Maintenance Advantage

     - Increase the reliability of the system
     - Extend equipment life
     - Failure analysis &  discovery of week point
     - Cost-effective data collection of change a time & size of spare parts
     - Mechanical load balancing


Maintenance Type







- Function Check, Rpair,   Control, Test of System in   Contract Range

- Purpose of System   Change and Seasonal   Environmental Protection   (Win/Sum)

- Operating Status   Observation of Equipment   & System and Inspection   of Equipment (month or   every other month)

- Emergency Inspection   by Failure Request


- Temp./Humidity Sensor
- Temp./Humidity Sender
- Operation & Sender
- Detector & Damper
- Instruments
                    - MCCB, Controller 

- Monitor Display
- Measuring Instruments
- Control State Inspection    & Check

- Inspect the Equipment
   MCCB Power Unit Voltage    Inspection
- MCCB Step Transmission
- Program Operating State
- Equipment State Check

- Emergency Breakdow   Inspection


  1Times/1-2Year, 2-4Month

 1-2 Times/ 1Year, 1Month

  1-2Times/ 1 Month



- Normal State
- Maximum efficiency
- Improve life
- Instrument State Grasp
- Maximum Effect of   Investment

- Appropriate Response of   the Seasonal Changes
- Proper Operation Max

- Optimal Operation
- Error Min
- BAS Update Information

- Possible Emergency   Response
- Low Cost




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