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FED (Far East District) ?
The U.S. Military in the world has been configured U.S.Army Engineer. Within the United States has a few Miners and Europe, Hawaii, Japan, the Middle East, Afghanistan. One of the FED in Euljiro 5-ga, Seoul, Korea.
It's responsible for oversight of their various construction for U.S.Military in South Korea.






Our company is concentrating its energy on HVAC Automatic Control in U.S.Army. Because the move to Pyeongtaek U.S.Army, we expect an increase in orders for the project and project was to focus on. As a result, have received positive reviews.

Turbotek System, received orders 2011 year to project Vehicle Maintenance Facility, SLQ, Kunsan Air Base etc. We have try to win the contract for the work.

   HVAC POWER Design and Construction
   HVAC CONTROL Design and Construction  
   MCB Panel Production and Supply
   PLC, Touch Screen etc. Material Delivery
   On-site supervision and oversight



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