Honeywell controllers, records, and hybrid controllers, actuators, smart sensors and other analytical instruments, including the processes and machinery, equipment control, and a complete product portfolio provides solutions.





    1. PLC(Programmable Logic Controller)

    (1) HC900 Hybrid Controller

    Honeywell HC900 Hybrid Controller is powerful platform, combined with a tightly integrated touch screen operator interface (900 Control Station) that supports a variety of preformatted displays with trending and data storage, is easily applied across many industries. The HC900 is configured using PC-based Windows configuration software (Hybrid Control Designer), which utilizes graphical function block configuration techniques and supports run-mode edit capability to help minimize process interruptions and provides advanced monitoring features.

    (2) Features
    • Rack based HC900 : The rack based HC900 Controller is available in 3 rack sizes with 4, 8 or 12 I/O slots each to support a wide range of requirements. Two performance (C50, C30) can be selected to support various automation needs.To maximize installation flexibility and up to four remote I / O racks can be connected to one controller, wiring and installation costs are reduced. Max 960 I/O point support.

    • Function Blocks : Consists of a large powerful function block algorithm. Using up to 2,000 more than 100 function blocks can be selected in the menu is very complex in a simple control program can be easily configured to control the program.

    • Up to 32 control loops : Interactive in a simple loop control cascade, ratio, duplexing, feed forward, 3position step or custom control program to support a wide range. Auto tuning Honeywell's proven 'Accutune' tuning algorithm is used to reduce the commissioning time to work according to product specifications are supported.

    • * Remote I/O & Remote Terminal Panels : Up to four I / O rack to connect remotely to HC900 Controller. Distributed I / O is supported using the process.There are three types of Remote Terminal Panel (RTP) and HC900 I / O modules can be connected.

    • Setpoint programmers : Up to eight independent programmers to configure the settings. 50 segments per profile, Number of stored profiles is user-configurable.

    • Setpoint Scheduler: Up to two independent settings you can use the scheduler. Up to 8 setpoints, soak only. Up to 16, assignable to DO or internal status.

    • Up tp 4 Sequencers: 4 Sequencers. Digital Outputs 16,  50 States.Up to 64 steps in the selected time or event based on the sequence can be pre-configured. 20 sequence can be stored in the controller.

    • Peer-to-peer communications: Peer data communications between one HC900 controller and up to 32 other HC900 controllers is supported over Ethernet via UDP protocol for process interlocks or data sharing.

    • Integrated Logic: Logic functions for approximately 27 milliseconds, or run all the logic functions can be synchronized with the analog processing.Logic command timers, flip-flops and counters, including the following general command of 2, 4, 8 inputs, including logic gates. Logic control and process control uses the same Hybrid Control Designer tool to configure it.

    • Recipe: If you use a recipe very easy to switch between products can be error-free. Save up to 50 recipe can also be saved and additional recipes. Each recipe Ramp / Soak profile. Including the sequence and schedule can contain up to 50 variables.

    • E-mail Alarms/Events: E-mail capabilities via the company LAN or the Internet, you can tell a process error.

    • Ethernet connectivity: HC900 controllers communicate with their host PC interfaces over an Ethernet 10/100Base-T communication network using the Modbus/TCP protocol, an open protocol interface available for most popular HMI software packages.

    (3)Hybrid Control Designer

      Hybrid Control Designer configuration software is a Windows-based PC application for configuring HC900 controllers. Its drag and drop placement methods and soft-wiring of analog and digital function blocks allow a custom control strategy to be easily created. Multiple worksheets allow process functions to be conveniently partitioned and unique security assignments for each partition limit access to only authorized personnel.

    On-line monitoring features such as watch-windows, logic power flow, live data on diagram, signal trace-back, forcing and multiple function block access aid in debug operations. Run-mode configuration edit download capability avoids costly process shutdown or initialization.



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