NENUTEC with our vast experience of 25 years, we have developed quality products especially damper actuators, characterised ball valve and controllers etc. for the HVAC markets.As an enivronmental friendly organisation, NENUTEC strive to bring you in the near future energy saving products to reduce carbon footprint of today's Intelligent building.




       1. Products



DESCRIPTION (Technical Data)

Damper Actuator

NACA...02/05(S1) Nm Series 2/3 point damper actuators

NACM...02/05 Nm Series modulating damper actuators

NACA...10(S1) Nm Series 2/3 point damper actuators

NACM...10(S1) Nm Series modulating damper actuators

NACA 8/16/24Nm 2/3 Point high quality damper actuators

NACM 8/16/24Nm Modulating high uality damper atuators

NACA 32Nm 2/3 Point damper actuators

NACM 32Nm Modulating damper actuators

NASA... 08/16 (S) Nm Series fast running 2/3 point damper actuators

NASM... 08/16 (S) Nm Series fast running modulating damper actuators

NAFA.. 05 (S1) Nm Series Spring Return damper actuators

NAFA... 08 (S) Nm Series Spring Return damper actuator

Sensors and Switches

NDPS 2000 Differential Pressure Switch

NDPS 2018 Differential Pressure Controls

NFS 60 Flow Switch

NTS 900 passive sensor

NTS 950 series Active sensor

Temperature Controller

NTC 600 series

NTC 650 series

NPC 680 series

NPG position transmitter


NTC 700 series thermostat

NTC 750 series thermostat

NTC 760 series thermostat

NTC 780 series thermostat

 Valves and Valves    Actuator

NVMZ motorized zone valve

NVCS Screwed End Control valve

NVCF Flanged End Control valve

NVCH Flanged End Control Valve

NAV series Electric Valve Actuator

NVCB Series characterized ball valves

NVCB 7000 Characterised Disc Ball valve

NVCB/F Flanged Series characterized ball valves

NABA...02/05(S1) Nm Series Ball valve actuator

NABM...02/05 Nm Series ball valve actuator


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