Plants is a power plant or oil refinery factory that Machinery, equipment and installation, the raw material for the purpose of the producer or intermediate products, final products, means that the production factory to manufacture.

Plants Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, power generation, desalination, environment, communication, information, and can be classified into industrial plants.

Plant Industries Engineering, Procurement and construction in merged composite industry (manufacturing + services), front rear Industry-related effects and value-added contribution is characterized by a high.




Turbotek System is on a Plant Biz as a foothold to become the new professional staff, is equipped with technology. Accumulated many years of experience in the electricity, control field. Based on substantial competitive plant engineering company, growth, and are striving to develop.

Owner of the plant, we take orders from electric, HVAC POWER, CONTROL planning, design and construction, and participation in, MCB Panel is supplied with such materials. 

   HVAC POWER Design and Construction
   HVAC CONTROL Design and Construction  
   MCB Panel Production and Supply
   PLC, Touch Screen etc. Material Delivery
   On-site supervision and oversight



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